Palestine: tough issue for Roma

Palestine: tough issue for Roma

It supposed to be a classic press meeting with the Director. Some journalists, a few questions and voilà. But this morning meeting with Palestinian director Mia Masri was pretty unexpected.

Straight in the entrance, over the reception’s desk an “urgent communication” notice that the screening of 3000 Nights has been cancelled with no plausible reasons.

We were in the old house of the Labor and Democratic Party, today a place of Italy’s memory, and right there we start to ask ourselves what would really happened.

The tough issue here is that the foundation which runs the theater where the screening should take place has to do with RomaTre University. Thus, a University it’s by excellence a place for open dialogue, isn’t it? No. Not today, and not in Rome.

It’s only a feeling I have but stripping out the Palestine State issue from the world agenda won’t be so easy as one might wonder: Palestinians artists are the most powerful ambassadors of their occupied homeland.

“It’s not about Palestine, it’s about liberty of expression in Italy and it’s shocking”, said director Mai Masri.